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Primary School Log-Dragomer lies on a halfway between Ljubljana and Vrhnika. It was founded in 1981. The school district covers the area of the Ljubljana Marsh and that is why the symbol of our school is a frog. We belong to the Commune of Vrhnika, but as a region we are a part of Notranjska (the "inland") where once lived, in the tale of Fran Levstik, a stout and mighty man called Martin Krpan.

In our school, there are 430 pupils, from the the first to the ninth grade. The school's staff consists of 44 teachers and 14 other workers. There is a central school at Dragomer and a branch school in the settlement called Bevke. The children from Bevke attend the school there from the first to the third grade and then they move to the central school. Most pupils get to school on the school bus, some are driven by their parents, some get on their bicycles or on foot. At the moment our greatest problem is a lack of space since we would need many more classrooms and other rooms. Therefore next year the Vrhnika municipality is planning to build an extension and to renew the former building entirely. We are already looking forward to the new and renovated classrooms because only then there will be optimal conditions for our further work.

But in spite of space problems and difficulties, our school has been successful in many fields. Most our children continue their schooling in three or four-year secondary schools in Ljubljana (57% in grammar schools) and are very successful there. They all are satisfied with the acquired knowledge and like returning to our school for a chat. There are a lot of awards won by our pupils: golden, silver and bronze. Children win them in different competitions at a school, local and state level. We have also been known by many research activities performed by our pupils, and by having become an ECO School. ECO School is a special international award given to schools, as a result of their way of doing and living. We are very proud of this membership and of our ECO flag.

We must specially emphasize that our school has also been known for pupils' exceptional achievements in individual and team sports. Fifteen different sports activities are organized within our school and children widely and successfully take part in them. Our showcases are full of different trophies and medals. Our cheer-leading group called Froggies have been European champions two years in a row (Helsinki 2001 and Manchester 2002).

For any further information about our school, visit our web site at: http://www.oslogdragomer.org/ or e-mail us at: group1.osljlog@guest.arnes.si.

There are many more secrets and interesting things to say. We would be glad and happy to make new friends and to make acquaintance of other countries all over the world.




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